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Space Availability - Library Study Rooms

All study rooms are located on the second floor of the library. Reserve a space ahead of time and enjoy.

  1. Click on the start time for the Study Room you would like to book.  
    For instance, if you want to book Study Room 1 for 1-2:30 pm, you would click on 1pm in the row for Study Room 1. 
  2. A dropdown menu will appear. Select the end time for your booking. 
    Keeping with the example above, you would select 2:30 pm. Then click the “Submit Times” button. 
  3. On the next page, review the booking details and click “Change” if necessary. Then read the Terms & Conditions and click the “Continue” button. 
  4. Fill in your contact information, including your Vanguard email and student ID#, and then click the “Submit my Booking” button. 
  5. A “Booking Confirmed” confirmation will appear. If you would like to sign up for other times, click the “Make Another Booking” button. 
  6. An email will be sent to your address with confirmation. 
   Available    Your Booking    Unavailable/Padding